Modern Command

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---> Modern Command is in early alpha. We'll tell you when it changes. <---

Modern Command simulates running a contemporary nation-state. You assume the role of a senior level official, and make decisions that effect the lives of millions of people in your country.

Technology, social, political, military, and economic issues all reflect events in today's news. You will control and manipulate this world just like real life leaders do; you will issue orders, sway opinions, budget resources, provide a vision and structure for your apt minions to do their work. You will negotiate, order, ask, sign, give, take, listen and talk.

Modern Command is a text-based multiplayer game. Instructions for connecting are below.

Connecting to Modern Command is easy. Telnet to port 4201. Most Windows users can get here by clicking on the start button, choosing run, and typing "telnet 4201" (without the quotes).

Note this is not the ideal way to connect. The BEST way to connect is to get a client.

If you are using OS X, look here (atlantis).
If you are using Linux, look here (tiny fugue).
If you are using Windows, look here (MUSHclient).

You may also want to use this google search.

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Modern Command is copyright (c) Boris Enichov, 2004 to 2014. Wow 10 years, not bad, huh? Licensed under the Creative Commons license.